it has taken me a long time to realize / that i owe it to no one / to have to a read a book / when i don’t like the words / and that applies to people too


she’d told me before how / she could already imagine / being the person who brought out / the dimples in his smile / and my mind told me to speak / saying that i had been that person / for him / but instead / i just pushed the heartbreak / down to the darkest pit of me / and decided not to tell her / that he has dimples when he frowns too.

just you

i could live without \ a sun in my sky \ because your smile \ is the only light \ i have ever needed \ to guide me back home \ to you \ and i would use up \ all my shooting star wishes \ just to change time \ so you would be the boy \ who was my first love \ at first sight \ and i would be the girl \ who you told everything \ because \ i have always been happiest \ as long as i have had just you