I like early mornings, that start off the day. The sun isn’t yet up, and the night sky is the color of forget-me-nots. I like watercolor paintings, and being able to tell the emotion behind the painting. I like the calm sea before the sunset, when all the colors reflect on the water. I like words, how they can define anything and everything. I like the night sky, the balmy air and all the stars that shine and sparkle. I like birds, and their songs. I like pastel colors, because they remind me of all that is good in the world, and take away the sharp edge of darker colors. I like poetry, which allows me to tell a story in a differnt way. I like writing, which allows the world to hear the writers voice. I like rainy afternoons spent on my bed, or couch with my glasses and a good book. I like when sun shines through the clouds, just for a moment, and warms you from your toes to your ears. And most of all, I like the days when I curl up and just smile. Because those are the days I am happy.