She whispered softly as her older sister held her, tears streaming down her face, “Why does heartbreak hurt so much?” Her older sister paused, and said, ” It hurts because someone you gave you three months, two days, and an hour too, left you. It hurts because he dug his way into your heart, and planted roses. The same roses which thorns are not cutting you apart. Heartbreak hurts, darling, because love hurts, but some of the best things do.” The sobs where quieter now, as the younger girl whispered, “How can I get over him?” The older girl sighed, and said,”You can just get over someone, only learn to live without them, and live with the holes they tore in your heart.” The older sister then rose, and walked over to her nightstand drawer, and removed a faded blue journal. She held it out to the girl with the tear stained cheeks and said, “Read.” The younger girl looked at the title, which said in her sister’s younger writing, “The guide to heartbreak.” A smile threated to come through, but she only turned to the first page. And read aloud, ” One, Stop thinking about him. You are not on his mind. Two, Put down your phone, he is not going to text you,” At this her eyes strayed to her phone lying on the bed. ” Three, Take a nice bath, do something good for youself. Four, Get dressed, do your make-up, and go out for dinner, and five, Think about yourself and who you are, do not let this take over your life.” She fliped the page, but the rest of the journel was empty. Her older sister said, “Keep it, follow the five things, and make your own, because heartbreak is only the path way to love.”

“He still asks about me?” She questioned.

“Yes,” her friend said, “It’s always been you. I never think he got over you.”

A sad smile slipped on her face as she said, “I never quite got over him either.”


She asked how to be a storm, a great dark cloud of power, but instead, they told her how to be a mist, a soft cloud of pearly grey.

She asked how to be a wildfire, aflame with the heart of a lioness. They told her to be an ember, hidden beneath ashes until her flame was all gone.

But they never told her how to unleash the storm which she hid beneath her skin.

They never told her how to be invincible,

And that was all she wanted.

Three Days

“I don’t know what to do. I’m tired of always going back to him, but I can’t imagine life without him.” She says  with drooping shoulders. Her friend smiles sadly and says “Wait three days. If he hasn’t texed or called, you where not worth a minute of those seventy two hours. I can’t promise you that it won’t hurt, or that you won’t cry because you will, but I can promise you that is is better then spending days with someone who doesn’t appriciate you.” They both sniffled, their eyes unfocused as they thought of someone who had broken their hearts, with a simple goodbye.




“Tell me what you think about when you can’t fall asleep at night,” He said. Her eyes lit up like a thousand metor showers and she said, “I think about your eyes which sparkle like the galaxy’s. I think about your smile, and how you light up my world like nothing I have ever seen. I think about the way your hand holds mine, and how you hold more mysteries then any universe. I think about you, the only person who can handle my supernova.”