You use to catch grasshoppers and frogs,

When you were younger,

To seal inside glass jars.


you loved putting,


On them,

But I am not a grasshopper,

Or a frog,


Am I?




I once saw a girl in a pink wheelchair,

But I don’t think anyone else did,

Always looking away as if was a contagious impair.


She was trying to act normal,

And keeping really still,

Trying to control her arms and legs,

That always moved against her will.


And I wish I had enough courage,

To walk up to her and say,

“Don’t try to normal,

Just because you feel like running away.”


I’m sorry your legs don’t work like mine,

And I never appreciated it before,

But thanks to you,

I’ll never over look it anymore.


I’m sorry people see your condition,

Which is not at all of you,

But people never see that,

Because their point of view.


You can never run away and hide,

Like I can always do,

And when there are games to be played,

I wonder if anyone invites you.


It must be hard watching from the sidelines,

And watching actions seem so effortless,

And I don’t think people even realize,

The extend of their unkindness.


But as for me I now know,

I’ll never look at you differently,

Because I now understand,

How hard it must be.







Christmas lights,

And tulips,

Are nothing alike,

But they are both considered beautiful,


So why do you not think,

Me beautiful?


So why do you not think,

Her brown skin is beautiful?

The sad part about losing you,

Was that you lost me first,

And I not only lost you,

I lost sleep,





Inside jokes,


And myself somehow.


“This is our culture,” You said spreading your arms wide.

“Never trust anyone, never drink out of cups, and never in anyone confide.”

Is this all that the world is, to you?

Because it can be so much more, as long you try to make something out of it.

For D.


Can’t you see what they are doing to you?

Immaturity, cuss words, bad actions,

When did this start,

And when will end?


I don’t want to see another newspaper report,

But this one has your name.


I don’t want to have to search backpacks,

Or pockets anymore.


I”m tired of what they are doing,

But I can’t stop it.