You asked me,

If I was looking for a knight,

As if,

Wearing a crown,

Equals you need one.


I don’t,

I won’t,

And I will never need,

A knight,

As long as I own a sword,

And have the strength,

To lift it.

He tried to play it cool,

And asked the same,

Of me,

But boy,

If you wanted an ice queen,

Why choose one made of fire?

I could never,

Fit into your world,

And you never,

In mine,



He said to be cool,

And to play off the insults,

And I guess I got tired,

Of waiting for him,

To be a prince,

When I had a crown,

And a sword.

I called myself  a princess,

And you never could understand,

Because I was so different,

From all the others,

Because I wielded,

A sword instead of a needle,

And I fought,

My own dragons,

And in the end,

You never could handle me,

Because you wanted someone,

That I was not,

Because I am not,

The person you picture,

When you hear,

The word princess.


She had to let go,

Of the idea,

That she could,

Be like them,

Because that,

Was building her a tower,

In her mind,

And trapping her,

Under a thatch roof,

Away from starry night skies,

And the truth,

That she was born,

To rule,

And wear her crown,

Like a queen,

And smile,

Like a blade,

Instead of waiting,

For a prince,

To rescue her,

When she had the tools,

To do it all along.


You didn’t think I was dangerous,

Left only with,

The wilted flowers,

You once gave me,

As proof of your love,

And a heart,

That was determined,

Not to break.


Then again,

You never thought much of me,

At all.

So no wonder,

I came back,

With a bow,

Made from all the broken promises,

You never kept,

And arrows,

Made from the flowers,

Wilted in all the vases,

That you left,

Because I guess,

I was tired of being,

A princess,

When I could be,

A warrior,

And save myself.