he used to say to me

“rapunzel rapunzel let down your long hair”

and i always did

but now years later

i find myself touching the brunt ends of my shorn hair

and letting my fingertips wander over the scar on my neck

from the scissors that were meant to trap me inside of a tower

and i still mourn the fact that they were held

by a boy who was my witch and first friend

who wanted to keep me safe from the world

the only way he knew how

~ those scissors freed me more than my “prince charming” ever did

Sometimes people don’t reconize,

A queen when they see one,

And so you doubt what you are,

And feel worthly of their shun.


There was never going to be a knight for me,

Because they would always try to slay the dragon,

That was living inside my skin.


They wanted a tame princess,

Who waited patiently in their tower,

And didn’t tear at the gray stone,

Until her fingernails and knuckles bled.


If you want a princess you don’t want me,

Because I don’t want a knight,

To a slay my dragon,

And make me tame.


I am the queen, the most powerful piece on the board,

And watch out,

Because this is my game,

And I know how to play it