There was never going to be a knight for me,

Because they would always try to slay the dragon,

That was living inside my skin.


They wanted a tame princess,

Who waited patiently in their tower,

And didn’t tear at the gray stone,

Until her fingernails and knuckles bled.


If you want a princess you don’t want me,

Because I don’t want a knight,

To a slay my dragon,

And make me tame.


I am the queen, the most powerful piece on the board,

And watch out,

Because this is my game,

And I know how to play it

Broken girls,

Turn into warriors,

Bent girls,

Turn into a princess,

But I turned into a queen,

So what was I?

I’ve heard that being heartbroken, is a form of breaking, bending, twisting, and snuffing out joy…………………becoming a queen is never easy, because I had to become a warrior, and a princess first.


I think it is amazing how,

I was barely anything before you,

But as soon as I had you,

I was considered everything.


Why did you equal my worth,

And more importantly:

Why did I let you?


I was never a princess until I had you,

And that is the sad truth,

Of how I was seen,

By everyone who didn’t believe I was capable,

Of doing anything without you.


I was nothing until you made me a princess,

Even when I was born into the title.