I’ve been told I make an impact

But I don’t think that’s true

Because whatever change I’ve created

Was first thought of by you

A knock on the door sounded

But I didn’t bother getting up to see

Because I know deep inside that

They are not here looking for me

I’ve gotten used to losing people

Tally marks on my arm can tell

And this year alone I’ve lost

The boy who made me check my email.

I pulled myself out of that rip tide

And up to your sheltering beach

I told you my secrets and stories

But all this time you’ve been drifting out of reach

I had thought you were solid

A warm tropical paradise

But I find that you are mobile

A moving mass of ice.

Some may call you an iceberg

But you will never be that to me

And I only wish we could go back

To how things used to be

I was told how to live my life,

By people who didn’t know me,

And I am not a fledgling anymore,

So I think it’s time to be free