You said you loved me today,

And I felt myself sadden,

Because I knew I would probably,

Not hear it from you again.


Saying that is a commitment,

One I don’t think you know,

Because most of the people who say that to me,

In the end always go.


You said it bravely and casual,

As if you were born with the phrase,

But I am afraid to say it back,

Because you might leave one of these days.


You might figure out I’m hard,

Quirky, weird, and complicated,

But “I love you,”

You still said.




Honey you cannot control his heart,

And change what is in the past,

But you can learn from all of it,

Make things now last.



Can we talk one last time?

I promise I won’t say what I want to,

Or cry because you are leaving,

And I love you.


I just want to look into your green eyes,

And see what I find there,

Because selfishly my heart wants,

To see that you still care.


For me to convince you,

That you should stay with me,

Instead of going off,

And becomming free.

School Kids

I’ve been pushed down so many times,

You’d think I would know to keep my tears underneath my eyelids,

Ignoring, turning up the music,

Running from the school kids.

He’s just a lost little boy,

Who still has bruises in places you can’t see,

From his brothers and friends,

And words like knives sounding like honey.



Air Plane

You were a paper airplane,

Folding yourself in,

But haven’t you learned darling,

You’ll never be just right again?


You can change your shape,

Fold up the flat piece of paper you are,

And let yourself fly but in the end,

You’ll have a scar.


You never were happy,

With your the way you were,

Always trying to change yourself,

Until you looked like her.


The wind might feel good,

And the view might look pretty,

But by folding yourself in,

You’re hating yourself and body.