Your name was Atlas,

Which meant moon of Saturn,

And you were,



You offered to take me away,

From the land of pain and suffering,

But you didn’t seem to see,

That this place was home to me.


It had bad things,

Wonderus things,

And horribly good things.


It had awful things,

And miserable moments.


But it is home.


The cosmos’ stars might be beautiful,

And the view fantastic,

But I could not survive.


I am an earth-thing,

Born of oxygen and air,

And Atlas,

Who are you to take me away,

From the world that made me?



Atrophil and Stella

(For Phillip Sidney)


His name was Astrophil,

Which meant star-lover,

And he had fallen for a girl,

Whose name was Stella,

The word for star.


If the universes had twisted,

And the cosmos rearranged,

Then maybe things would have,

Turned out differently.


He was named Atrophil,

And she was named Stella.


So Stella,

Was the star of love.

Night Witches (WW2)

There is no poetry,

That tells of history,

That was never put,

In any history book,

Until now.

About the crazy,

And brave women,

Who moved our country forward.

The ones who crossed enemy lines,

With faulty planes,

Dropped bombs,

And were gone into the night,

Like witches.

Over 200 missions,

And flights.

So when you ask me,

What I want to be like,

I won’t say,


Or a happily-ever after,


I will say that I wish I could be,

As brave and courageous,

As the night witches.





I would call you Atlas,

For the heavens,

And stars I see,

In the clear blue of your eyes,

But Atlas,

Was not given the choice,

If he wanted to bear,

The weight of the cosmos,

And Heavens,

But you were.

You did not hesitate,

Because for you,

Holding the sky was easy,

If it meant,

That she could breathe.