The new watercolor painting update of my blog’s logo is by one of my new favorite artists. (Ana Santos)

Her work involes nature through watercolor portriats.

There is a time in your life when you are stuck in between who are you, and who you want to be.

Well, I’m there.


I remember I once watched the Narnia moves (The first three) and then cried. I cried simply because of who I was. Am.

I wanted so badly to be Lucy, believing in things magical, and being wonderfully brave.

And I was once, that is the sad part. I am not any more though.

I know the sad truth being that I am a Susan. I don’t really believe blindly in things anymore, and while family is very important to me, I tend to want to forget bad things.

I want to be Lucy, but I am Susan.


You are Poetry

Blue jeans.

Crazy (Curly) hair.

Chaco sandels.

Messily painted nails.

Hair ties on wrists.

Smells like lavender and lemons.

Saffron colored socks.

Sketches of burks on your walls.

Blue eyes.

Gold star earrings.

Acrillic paint stains on your hands.

Old bike parts.

“Perfect boys only exist in books.”

Palm trees.

Mountain peaks.

Calligraphy pens.

Darling, you are poetry.