You can rip me apart.

You can tear me clean through………………………But I will not give you my oatmeal choclate chip cookie recipe.

I always hate goodbyes.

The lingering sense that you may not come back, or I may never see you again.

There are so many uncertain things in life, and nothing is guaranteed.

So when I say goodbye, please don’t feel insulted when I say,


Tator tots,

See ya later, alligator,


Because if that goodbye is the last time I ever talk to you, then at least I know the last thing I ever said to you as only, “Goodbye.”


My blog is made to change with me.

The colors, the fonts, the pictures, and even the type of writing I do!

But however, tyhere is a key to this certain kind of quirky-me madness:

All the logo pictures are going to be by Agnes Cecile my favorite watercolor artist,

And the menu colors are probably (80%) going to match. 🙂

I have this little ringlet of hair that is too short to fit into my ponytail.

It curls around my neck and tickles my ears.

It annoyed me at first, but now I sorta like it.

I twist it randomly around my finger while I am thinking, and try to braid it when I am bored.

On the days I don’t wear a ponytail, I can’t find it.

I pull and part my hair in vain, but I just can’t find my little curly piece of hair.

I think it is a good description of me: When I am around a lot of people I am often shy, and pretty normal.

But when I am on my own, with friends and family I am weird, crazy, euphoric, and have an obsession with everything……………………and that is ok.