She runs through the universe,

And dodges sunbeams,

And supernovas,

Because she doesn’t want,

To slow down.

She wants to run,

And run,

And forget,

And leave this place.

I wonder who broke her heart,

To make her blind,

Of all the beauty,

She just can’t see.



Stop calling her “pretty,”

Because she is so much more than that,

And she can’t tell,

That you are lying,

Because you are one of those boys.

The boys who her mother,

Told her to watch out for,

And never let them get too close,

Because those boys are heartbreakers.

And I don’t want to see her cry,

When she finds out,

You only considered her “pretty.”

You never saw the golden flecks in her eyes,

And knew that they where stardust,

Because you never thought,

She had the potentially,

To be anything else but “pretty.”

You don’t reconize a supernova,

When you see one,

And so I pity you,

Because you could have had the universe,

But you settled for the sun,

Because it glowed brighter,

During the day,

And you never saw,

Her supernova dominate the night.