some nights you will feel like a galaxy

and then some nights

you will feel so impeccably small

like an atom untethered in the cosmos

~ i wish so badly that i could be the first one forever

You say the stars are too far away,

And for me to look lower,

But let me tell you the story of a girl,

Who never believed what people told her.

She was born bathed in sunlight,

With sparks  in her eyes and dots on her skin,

She was fearless and brave,

With a world within.

She made a rocket out of paper,

With words dribbled in black ink,

Shooting the stars a message,

“I’m starting to care what people think.”

She was growing up and learning,

And hearing the whispers in the hall,

The stars peered down in pity,

“I don’t belong in this world at all.”

So one day she decided,

She would disappear from it,

And so she sunk into the stars,

To hopefully forget.

I’m not the same girl,

That I was once was,

Speaking stardust,

And befriending supernovas.


I’ve lost my way,

Admist the cosmos,

Of sparkling light,

And endless shadows.


One thing is another,

And I am not me,

Listening to the stars whisper,

How great I will be.


Of course I feel too much,

I’m a universe of supernovas,

And not a plain unfeeling star,

Like and you and what I once was.

Star Boy

You were crafted in the stars,

And given a luminescent glow,

But even if I love you,

I can’t join you in the stars you know.


While you were crafted out of stardust,

And figments of the moon,

I was crafted out of earth,

And of friendship ended too soon.


Star boy I am an earthling,

As mortal as can be,

So while you are drifting with meteors,

Please remember me.


I know I might not be born on Saturn,

Or a distant star,

But please believe that I can’t return.


The lack of oxygen is crushing my heart,

And homesickness is curling up in my ribcage,

But know that I will think of you while we are apart.


I’m sorry star boy,

That I couldn’t stay forever in the stars,

So remember me,

While walking over Mars.


You were a universal thing,

And I was trapped in the atmosphere,

So the best I can do is to ask you,

Not to forget me while I’m here.


Maybe one day I’ll join you,

In the indigo sea,

But until that day,

Remember me in the billions of galaxies.




Maybe you were not the one for me.


Maybe the cosmos,


And galaxies shifted,

The moment I fell in love with you,


And they decided that we,

Were never going to be.


I’ve heard that once,

Every atom in bodies,

Was part of a star,

So my beautiful darling,

You are not just leaving,

You are going home.

Star Boy

Oh, Star Boy,

I miss you.


You use to call me “dearling,”

And laugh softly,

As you said,

“Endless space and oblivion are the only fears I have.”


But oh Star Boy,

You don’t seem to understand,

That there is so much more to this world,

Then the simple fears you had.


My fears anchored me to this earth,

While you went bounding about in the stars,

And so I hope when someone meets you next,

You say while smiling softly,

“I fear oblivion, endless space and losing people.”


Because by golly you lost me,

Up in the galaxies.


He thought I was a simple star,

Only one among billions,

And not even the brightest.


He saw another star,

In a different galaxy,

So he went away.


I wept so hard,

That the very  moon,

Felt sorry for me,

So she whispered,

“Explode, darling. Don’t keep the pain,



I exploded in a mess of color,

Stardust, and rocks.


My color flickered across the galaxies,

And he saw.


Oh star boy,

Why did you think,

That I was a simply a star?


I was so much more than that,

And you never believed,

So don’t leave your bright star,

In that far off galaxy,

Because I am fine,

Without you,

As a supernova.



Please tell your friends,

About the girl,

Who made you realize,

That the universe,

Can seem small,

Compared to the depth,

Of her soul,

And the love,

She had for you.

Because she deserves that,

Instead of a goodbye text.

Universe Boy-Atmosphere Girl

He was a boy,

Of the universe,

With mini worlds,

In his eyes,

And the magnificence,

Of the Milky Way,

In his smile.


Are just a girl,

Of the atmosphere,

With mountains and rivers,

Reflected in,

Your wild eyes.

Sand and pebbles,

From the farthest beaches,

Marr beautifully your complexion,

In the shape of freckles,

And scars.


The sad thing is,

That love at first sight,

Never lasts,

When you are from,

Two different worlds,

That have,

Embedded themselves,

In your skin.



She runs through the universe,

And dodges sunbeams,

And supernovas,

Because she doesn’t want,

To slow down.

She wants to run,

And run,

And forget,

And leave this place.

I wonder who broke her heart,

To make her blind,

Of all the beauty,

She just can’t see.



Stop calling her “pretty,”

Because she is so much more than that,

And she can’t tell,

That you are lying,

Because you are one of those boys.

The boys who her mother,

Told her to watch out for,

And never let them get too close,

Because those boys are heartbreakers.

And I don’t want to see her cry,

When she finds out,

You only considered her “pretty.”

You never saw the golden flecks in her eyes,

And knew that they where stardust,

Because you never thought,

She had the potentially,

To be anything else but “pretty.”

You don’t reconize a supernova,

When you see one,

And so I pity you,

Because you could have had the universe,

But you settled for the sun,

Because it glowed brighter,

During the day,

And you never saw,

Her supernova dominate the night.