i think we’re just danilion seeds darling

where did we go wrong? i ask myself this as your texts appear with a contact name i am not sure i mean anymore. i ask myself this as you smile a smile that isn’t real but it is the only smile i am getting from you right now. i ask myself this as secrets swirl in the air above different people’s ears and i wonder where we did wrong. what i did wrong. we’re gotten through an argument so large that i have had two other friendships shattered by it. but got through it. i want to tell you the odds. i want to say that at age twelve two girls left me because one refused to choose and the other refused to listen. i want to say that at age fourteen i had two girls i thought were my everything but suddenly i was forced to live without them. and i was fine. i want so badly to tell you of the time i felt myself shatter from the marrow of my bones to the atoms inside my brain cells. and as i lay on the couch and felt my fingers shakily hold the phone in my grasp my fingers didn’t hesitate to type your name. but by god all i want is to tell you that you should report him and that your pina colada boy just fell for a hurricane of a girl. (you’re an after-thunder storm rainbow combined with a blizzard) you deny it. deny that you are pushing me away but those secrets you tell them, you used to tell me, i think it is because i have come on too strong. i’ve become more older sister than friend perhaps. but whatever it is, i just know that my words aren’t coming anymore. i simply think that we are both danylion seeds that found ourselves tucked together through the spring months but darling it is summer now and we must chose to stay or to f l y a w a y

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