star lovers

we started out as exquisite ions

living in a warped time frame where forever

seemed like hours and infinity was a constellation

we never could travel to in our light years together

and your fingers colored my luminescent skin

leaving it painted all the colors of the galaxies

and i whispered poetic fragments into the curved crescent moon of your ear

while asking you universal questions.

and some people may not realize that the sun is a star

but oh i did because you have forever been my sun

and i am orbital being of flawed comet tails and nebula gas

who thought that maybe the wide expanse of filled nothingness

could unite just for one life time

composed of a thousand forever forming a grand infinity

where you and i could coexist in the same wondrous place

without the nebula inside of me fragmenting

exploding all the colors you gave me across the indigo sky

changing my form into that of a supernova

that slipped through the hairline crack of an orbit

centered around you

but i think that everyone has seemed to forget

is that i was never solid matter or mass

never something that could be confined into the bounds of a purely crafted infinity


i am such a flawed undefinable thing

that even in an orbit centered around you

i was bound to strain against invisible chains

until i found myself in a mirror universe

where light years could not be numbered without ten zeros

and living a world where you and i

simply didn’t exist

~ all that is left of us is dead stars

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