i laugh dryly while composing a text to you

my voice creaking like the chairs we used to sit in

eating popcorn and having sock competitions

and i find myself not plotting out a revenge plan

to make you hurt how you hurt me

to make you lose all the friends you turned against me

but i have come to realize that loosing me

will hurt more than anything i could ever do

because i am not just a name on your contact list in your phone

i’m a memory whenever you see pizza

or hear a dad joke

and so i feel no need for revenge by knowing

you won’t ever stop regretting how you let me go

and i have come to terms by realizing all the “friends” you turned against me

were never my friends at all

but simply people who chose you over me

and in the grand scheme of things this is not a betrayal

for their loyalty and care was never with me at all

but rather with you all along

~ a ending that doesn’t hurt

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