dear october me.

you need to take fewer pictures. realize that memories don’t need to live in hard drives, or in the photo app on your phone. you don’t need to capture every funny memory with your friends, because if you try hard enough, they’ll be your friends forever. stop worrying about that girl in your p.e. class, who makes everything seem effortless. don’t overthink the way your hair is fixed on a plain tuesday, because if you have to spend thirty minutes on your hair to impress them, you don’t need them. don’t eat less so your jean size goes down, or shove your feet into your converse which pinch your toes. study your best and don’t think a grade is all you are. a “c” on your french test doesn’t say you are unworthy. it just says maybe less romance novels and more verb endings. please don’t take anything for granted. don’t put off something just because your hair isn’t perfect and your breath smells faintly of peanut butter. start running again to clear your head, and roll your eyes at the people who stare. you’re gorgeous the way you are. spend more time in the kitchen, because all of your favorite foods are in season right now. get drunk on chilled apple cider and pumpkin bread. put up your citrus perfume and exchange it for cinnamon and cloves. don’t give up all the dreams you have just waiting inside your brain, and don’t be afraid to be alone. because you never will be for long. follow your heart wherever it might lead you. october me, it’s finally fall. this is your season. you m ay be a summer baby, but you are a fall girl. so rake leaf piles and ride your bike at 6:35 pm. eat snicker bars on the porch swing and crinkle brown leaves in your dry palms. buy all the lipbalm, because you know that your lips get dry and cracked this season. dig around in yoru closet sand find the knitting needles you threw in lazily. it is about scarf season, and you want a fuzzy maroon colored one. buy the packets of all your favorite mints (watermelon and spearmint) and give them out to your friends. give hugs freely and encourage your friends to go ask that boy or girl out. fall is a time for snuggles and pillowforts. have all the sleepovers you’re allowed, because it is about time you break out the titanic and anne of green gables again. let your hair go without being fixed on the weekends, and spend hours under the pink quilt on your bed. oh and october me, be fearless. you’re an autumn girl and it is time to do what autumn girls do  best: fall.

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