i never pictured her as a mean girl.

i wish i could say that she is nice

and that our friendship is wonderful

but that would just be a lie


because with her nose pierced

blue flower headband

raised eyebrow look

i never pictured that she was anything

but my new best friend


yet here i am again

with fragmented words that she tossed my way

with careless and controled anger

trying to slap a smile on my face

after every jab

and barbed laugh


and i tell myself that it is me

and it couldn’t possibly be her


but every new day

has her pushing me a little bit farther

towards the edge of a cliff


and i feel powerless


because this girl

who abandons me every day for the populars

takes every oppurtunity to drag me down

can’t be anything but mean


~ the girl who covers poison with honey and acts like it is ok




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