We hugged yesterday.


It wasn’t a movie-worthy hug, but an awkward half-hug with a couple hurried words that fell out of my mouth.

I wanted to say I was proud, and that I never had a doubt that you could ever not do it. I wanted to say I loved you as if you didn’t already know. I wanted to say that I missed you, and I would always be there. I wanted to say you didn’t have to drown out your troubles with country music and bitter jokes. I wanted to say that your eyes seemed happy, ever gold bit like a spark that was alighting a blaze. I wanted to say I hoped you were happy. I wanted you to promise that we would talk still, even after you were gone. And most importantly, I wanted you to know that I remember when we started drifting apart………….and I’m sorry.



But instead, I hugged you and hoped you knew all that already.

And the hug was perfect to me.


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