She’s had another bad day,

And feels herself crumbling down,

She’s stuck in sadness so deep,

She is sure she is going to drown.


She doesn’t know what to do,

Listening to music to try and block it all out,

Locking the bathroom door to cry,

Left in the silence to wonder about.


She in a hole so deep and dark,

There is no light of day,

And she’s deeper than rock bottom,

Trying to find a way.


Her voice is just a creak is the silence,

A sound hardly ever heard,

And in her silence suffering,

She hardly says a word.


She whispers secrets into the blackness,

That is trying to drag her under,

“Is it really worth it?”,

She starts to wonder.


She holds herself in her arms,

Wrapped up in her favorite sweater,

As she tries to block it all out,

About how nobody loved her.


When times got hard she smiled,

Stuffing all the sadness behind it,

Waiting for people to turn away,

And forget.









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