The Boy I Used to Know

For Nath.


I saw a boy I grew up with,

Walk right by me yesterday,

And my mouth swallowed the words,

That I wanted to say.


I wanted to ask him about his family,

And how his last soccer game went,

To hear him laugh loudly,

And lecture me in a british accent.


I wanted to ask if he missed me,

The person he use to quote Disney to,

And laugh at his silly answers,

But he is not the boy I once knew.


The boy I once knew used to,

Give me coins every time he saw me,

And I put them in a tall jar,

But that was from the boy he used to be.


When he walked by me without a look,

I tried to remember that I had changed too,

But not all the change in the world,

Could change me from being the girl he knew.


Maybe that is the difference,

Between him and me that I know:

He lets go of things without a fight,

And I cling to them when I grow.


But when he walked past me,

I let it loose and let it go,

Because he is no longer the boy,

I used to know.






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