For Caroline

I know a girl who loves sunrises,

Who wakes up early to see them,

And while staring at the tangerine,

She remembers him.


She never misses the color,

That brightens up the east every day,

Thinking that if she misses one,

She will loose him in a way.


So she wakes up 6:13 am,

And sips from a pastel blue cup,

As she waits quietly for,

The view from her window to light up.


Every color brings a memory of him,

Cerulean, saffron, and apricot,

And in these quiet mornings,

He is in her every thought.


Some days she can’t sit still at all,

And so she rubs oil pastels on paper,

Trying to capture what it is,

And what it means to her.


She is watches every new day,

Light up with the colors of dawn,

And every day she faces the reality:

He is gone.


I know a girl who watches the sunrise,

And makes beautiful pastel art,

Thinking of the boy,

Who has her heart.

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