Oh dearling I know,

You are hating your body,

But please just eat a little,

For you and for me.


I don’t want to know the lie,

“I ate before I came,”

Because a little while ago,

I used to say the same.


I hated my body,

Every single inch of it,

And in every pair of out-grown jeans,

I wanted to fit.


I lied until I believed it:

That I had eaten or wasn’t hungry,

Because I was so busy hating,

Wanting to be skinny.


I never stopped to realize,

I was hurting myself and my body,

And I did the hardest thing:

I started trying to love me.


It is hard dearling to love something,

That you told yourself you hated,

But I wish you would start eating,

And so the same thing I did.


I can’t tell you that it is easy,

Because good things hardly ever are,

But all the hurt and sadness,

Will soon fade to a scar.


You need to eat dearling,

For you and for me,

Because I know the price,

Of hating your body.




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