There’s an old abandoned swing set,

In a cleared off place,

And that is the last spot,

I ever saw your face.


It used to be a school,

Where a boy and girl met,

He wanted to remember everything,

And she wanted to forget.


He didn’t want to let memories,

Slip through his fingers and away,

To have inside his head,

Until he forgot one day.


She didn’t want to remember,

People she missed and things she regretted,

“I don’t want to remember,”

To him she said.


He told her life was good and bad,

You just had to live with it,

But for her there was only one option:

To forget.


They grew up and argued,

She wanted to leave and forget,

But he wanted her to stay with him,

And always remember it.

The girl was foolish to run from her past,

And the boy never understood,

Why forgetting was what she did,
Instead of remembering like she should.

I’m sorry I left you there,

By the old and rusted swing set,

Because love was scary and new,

And I fearfully wanted to forget.

The school is long gone,

Emptiness in its place,

But the swing set is what I didn’t forget,

Because it’s where I last saw your face.



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