He had the most beautiful eyes,

That made me want to tell him,

“Your eyes are an ocean,

And I don’t know how to swim.”


I avoided his glance,

Afraid that if I looked in,

I would never want to leave,

The crystal blue again.


He is like a life guard,

With a dark surfer’s tan,

He says if I start drowning he can save me,

But I don’t think he can.


I’ll look and be lost,

“People lost at sea,”

And I know after a while,

He will forget me.


My name will be just another one,

On his beautiful ocean eye casualty list,

Just another girl,

His lifeguarding skills missed.


I refuse to lose myself,

Inside the aqua blue sea,

Preferring to lose him,

Than lose me.


So this is to the boy,

With the pair of eyes that are aqua blue,

An ocean I made a boat on:

I won’t drown for you.


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