Beautiful Poetry

Beautiful is just a word darling,

Not a standard you must live up to,

Because you have always been that,

And more to those who really love you.


Your skin is not flawed by freckles,

But given a distinctive and exquisite glow,

And you are not too short at all,

Because you still can grow.


Your teeth are enduringly crooked,

And your nose wrinkles up when you frown,

And you have the alluring power,

To make people feel happy when they are down.


Your hair smells like coconut and sandalwood,

And it curls whenever it is wet,

Because darling you are enchanting poetry,

In a world still learning the alphabet.


You might not always be the person,

People want to meet and talk to,

But that is only because they,

Have yet to get to know you.

Once they meet you darling,

They won’t ever forget you,

Because you are brilliant and bright,

Captivating beauty in everything you do.

I only wish you could see what I do,

And not try to live up to the standard,

You have already surpassed,

Because beautiful is just a word.


It could never capture you just right,

Or describe you to people that you have just  met,

Because darling you are lovely poetry,

In a world learning the alphabet.




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