I rub my eyes,

And clean my glasses,

And I can tell you clearly,

What I am learning in my classes.



I can tell you of a boy,

Who has bruises out of sight,

Who’s parents don’t always welcome him,

When he comes home at night.


A girl who never eats,

But is so so clever,

And if I could choose one person,

I would want to be her.


A boy who says whatever he thinks,

With a goofy smile all fun,

But one if his eyes can’t stay still,

And he is not understood by everyone.


I am learning that love is broken,

When you are here,

And that there are always threats,

That cause anger and fear.


Not everyone is nice and kind,

And not everyone tells you,

The full and honest truth,

Trying to affect what you do.


But there are some nice people,

With worn and old smiles,

With all sorts of grades,

In the report card files.


But what I am learning in my classes,

Is that people and things are lost,

And that people say bad words,

But never want to know the cost.








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