There’s a girl who wears,

A much too big sweatshirt,

And as it swallows her,

She hopes it blocks out all the hurt.


Her brother’s scent still clings,

To the dark navy and blue,

And when the missing comes she wishes,

Things would be as they used to.


She holds it to her chest at night,

Trying to keep him close,

Because it holds the memory,

Of a boy she misses the most.


Everyone morning she wakes up missing,

The best friend she ever had,

Who would make her laugh,

And hold her when things got bad.


She can’t go into her room,

Without the memories in her brain,

Bringing him back,

Only for her to lose him again.


He’s everywhere she looks,

In every room embossed,

Every memory she ever knew,

And it just makes her feel lost.


He there since the beginning,

First steps until sophmore year,

And she holds close to the sweatshirt,

Afraid it too will disappear.


People pat her shoulder,

And whisper experiences,

But she doesn’t look at their faces,

Because they weren’t his.


She wears the sweatshirt,

With a lost look on her face,

Feeling hopelessly sad and lonely,

In every room and place.


The pictures on the walls haven’t,

Been taking away and packed up yet,

And she feels like when that happens,

Everyone will want to forget.


They’ll still remember the boy,

With the goofy smile and crooked grin,

But she will remember everything,

Because the missing comes again.



She’ll remember the small scar,

He had on his left wrist,

And all the things only she knew,

That other people might have missed.

Like the way he wore his ball cap,

Or his stubborn head angle,

The way he threw his back while laughing,

And how a moment with him was never dull.

But other people never knew him,

As well as she did then,

And maybe they don’t remember him,

Like she does when the missing comes again.

She wears his sweatshirt,

Penn state college says the blue,

And to her brother she misses:

She is never going to forget you.







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