Losing You

You smile wasn’t as bright,

And somehow deep inside I knew,

That after it all,

I was losing you.


We had battled through the rough,

And tiptoed through the thin,

But after all that,

You’ll never be the same girl again.


I had hoped you would stay,

The girl I knew inside and out,

But now you’ve changed,

And you’re a girl I know nothing about.


Your eyes are still an ocean,

I thought I had explored,

And your smile is a beacon,

I’m always drawn towards.


You look the same but older,

With new knowledge in your eyes,

But there’s a wall I cannot cross,

And I feel helpless after failed tries.


I’m losing you I know,

Because you’ve changed a lot,

And I’m still in love the girl,

That you are not.


I’m clinging to the past,

While you brave on ahead,

“Come on and catch up!”

The new girl I don’t know said.


But you always beat me in races,

Across my front yard,

And things that were easy for you,

For me were always hard.

We said we would be friends,

Until eternity ended,

But you’re not the same girl,

I once befriended.

I’m losing you,

Or the girl you use to be,

Because no matter what,

You’ll always be that same girl to me.

You love change,

And shedding your skin,

And when you do that,

You change what is within.

You slipped out of your own life,

And into another without a thought,

And I’m stuck clinging to a girl,

That you are not.

I’m losing you,

More and more,

And you’ve walked out of my life,

And locked the door.

I don’t know you,

And that is scary,

But somewhere  inside,

I wish you were still friends with me.

I could get to know this girl,

The one you have changed into,

But I don’t think that,

Would ever be enough for you.

You like forgetting the past,

Letting it drift out of reach,

And I’m a horrible swimmer,

To your beautiful beach.

I’ve lost you,

And you have let go of me,

And I hope you like your new life,

Are you more happy?

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