I Don’t Know That Girl Anymore

A girl I once cared about,

Worried what others thought,

And so she decided to be,

A girl that she was not.


She changed so much,

That I didn’t know her anymore,

Always listening to too many opinions,

Worried about how she looked and what she wore.


And one day I saw her,

Passing in the school’s wide hall,

And I realized with a sad start,

I didn’t know this girl at all.


It then I realized,

My care had slipped away,

Because she wasn’t the girl,

I used to miss every day.


She went from caring too much,

And changing herself completely,

To not worrying at all,

Or noticing me.


She shut herself off,

And became so uncaring,

I don’t know that girl anymore,

Because she has changed everything.



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