He wants to live life without a notebook,

“Things I never said,”

And so with a crooked grin,

He says everything that pops into his head.


He tells girls with big glasses,

That they are perfectly stunning,

But they just hunch their shoulders,

Thinking he is mean.


He whispers to the sad boy,

Who sits next to him in Geometry,

“Hey, don’t be sad!

Want to be friends with me?”


He goofs off and jokes,

With everyone around him,

And just because someone is different,

He doesn’t exclude them.


Everyone loves him,

And says he is pure and golden,

But not once has anyone smiled,

And asked him.


No one asks how his day is,

Or if he is ok,

And when he goes home to an empty house,

He knows it will always be that way.


No one asks the golden child,

If they are feeling low,

And so he smiles all teeth,

Trying not to let his hurt show.


He makes everyone beautiful,

And accepted and strong,

With a grin and laugh he listens,

Even when he thinks your opinion is wrong.


I think we should all,

Try to live life without that notebook,

Because maybe we won’t just a see golden boy,

After our altered outlook.



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