Force of Nature

You were beautiful before,

He came and told you so,

And though he speaks words like honey,

Don’t let him tell you what you know.


I know he smiles like a hurricane,

All power and destruction,

And even though he thinks you are just a girl,

Please don’t just be one.



He is a force of nature,

With eyes as blue as the sky,

But if you don’t be careful,

He is going to sail right by.


He so uncontrollable,

He doesn’t know how to slow down,

To look deep into your eyes,

And fall in love with the beautiful brown.


He doesn’t stop to gasp at your smile,

As rare and beautiful as it is,

Because he doesn’t think,

It is a force of nature like his.


He doesn’t compare your beauty,

So the sky or the sea,

Because he thinks it is only common,

Not a rare variety.


He is a force of nature,

Who tried to stop for you,

But it took too much effort,

So away he flew.


He never saw your beauty,

Worthy enough to compare to nature,

And if he’s spinning his lies to another girl,

I only wish we could warn her.


Tell her about the boy,

Who speaks words like honey,

Smiles like a hurricane,

And has eyes the color of the sea.


He’s a force of  nature,

Who just past the most beautiful one of all,

Just because you were a cliff,

And he didn’t want to fall.


I know he told you are beautiful,

But you were before he said,

So release your own force of nature,

You kept hidden in your head.


Become a tornado,

Blow your sadness everywhere,

And stand at your cliffs edge,

With freedom twined in your hair.







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