There is this girl,

I wish you could have known,

Because she is beautiful,

Even when she believed she was alone.


You always remembered her,

If you saw her in a crowd,

And you always listened to her,

Even when she wasn’t that loud.


She so is colorful you ask how,

Someone could ever overlook her,

And how she can ever only see ugly,

Whenever she looks in the mirror.


She hates the size of her waist,

And cuts off every tag she gets,

She is always disliking some part of her,

And squeezing into old stuff thinking it fits.


But you probably can’t tell that,

Just by looking at her,

Because she doesn’t tell,

Who she sees in the mirror.


She did once,

A long time ago,

Who only laughed and took her brightness,

Leaving her with a glow.


But she’s gotten better,

At hiding all her insecurities,

Using a smile like band-ade,

She used to put on scraped knees.


So see her as bright,

This girl I wish you could have known,

Because all she is now,

Are some old pictures on my phone.








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