For D.


I have finally realized why every poem of heartbreak is written by a girl. From her point of view. The broken girl. The tired girl. The sad girl. The lonely girl.

I have not once found a harshly sad destroying emotion poem of heartbreak by a boy……….and I realized why.

Girls push out their heartbreak, expelling it from their bodies. It comes out like song lyrics, rhymes, awe-worthy art, and true creative form.

Boys absorb heartbreak. They pull it into themselves and curl themselves around it. And their pain pulses like a mock heartbreak……..why? Because I have yet to find a boy who loves half-way.

Say I’m young, but no boy I know loves half-way. And so when they love, they give you their heart.

They entrust it to you, and even when you break it, you still hold it in your hands as you try to throw back the love you said you wanted.

But they let you have it, and you push it away. You expell their love, and then sing a song of heartbreak.

And they only get their heart back, when they are truly over you. That is why my brother, has two gaping holes in his heart………and those are only the ones I can see.

Boys don’t write poems or songs. They don’t expell the love and let it form beautiful things, because all in all, it is still love.

No, boys whisper it. They laugh and coated on the edge of the laugh like sugar to a string, you will find the heartbreak. The split-second memory of her, with green eyes and curly blond hair.

It’s in his bedroom, where all their hushed phone calls took place, and all the selfies he sent her.

It’s shadowing the school, and all his classes, memories like dust particles in the air.

It’s at the softball game where he stares her back, wondering what he did wrong.

Boys don’t expell love, or at least my brother didn’t, he held it tight to his chest and whispered to her, but all he saw was her back. “Why?”


Maybe she expelled his love, or maybe it wasn’t love at all, at least not from her……….but my brother thought it was love because that is what he gave her.


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