High Way

There’s a road that runs by my house,

That leads to a busy high way,

That I am going to travel,

And let it take me far away.


It will lead me through the mountains,

Evergreens and earth,

And when I get lost on trails,

I’ll finally figure out my worth.


It will take me around curves,

To the wide expanse of the coast,

And while I am gone I will learn,

Who truly loves the most.


Who will tape my postcards,

To the dashboard of their car,

Crying softly at night,

“I wish I could be where you are.”


When I take the high way,

To places pictures in my mind show,

People might start to wonder,

Why I had to go.

The reason is simple,

And every bit true:

I left on the high way,

To go find you.

All the pictures you showed me,

All the dreams you never got to see,

And the ones I  didn’t share,

But now I love them completely.

I wonder if I follow the clues,

Like a breadcrumb trail,

Will they lead me to you,

Or be as empty the postcards I send in the mail.



You got  lost in life,

And your eyes are empty,

But maybe one day you will come,

And follow the trail to me.


If I was asked what love was,

I would say us together,

Me getting lost so you could one day,

Find me and whisper “By golly I love her.”


Until then let them say,

I’m a traveler who’s forever lost,

But for you to find yourself,

I would do it at any cost.


The high way is taking me,

To the desert now,

And if you will follow the clues,

You can find me somehow.


You’ll find my love at the seashore,

And in the first snow,

But do you love me enough,

To follow me wherever I go?



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