For The Girl in Latin

I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl, looking so sad, except when I look in the mirror.

It was then I knew, that so much unlike you, I was not sad because of a person.

And if I was, I would be sad because of my myself, not because of someone who never deserved me.

But I can only hope, that one day you realize that, and you think to yourself, “Fourteen is too young  to live my entire life in misery, over a person who only thought of me when he was around me, no longer than that.”

But if you still are having trouble, and you still need help, I’ll fold this away in a cheery pink envelope and place it in a mailbox.


“The Getting Over Him List”


  1. Unfriend him. Lift your trembling finger through the mental block and hit the rectangular blue button. He’s gone. His messages. His photos. And the constant alerts that light up your phone screen.
  2. Unfriend anyone. You’re free. Soak in that feeling of utter freedom. Unfriend the people who always made you want to change yourself in some way, and relish the courage and powerful feeling it goes you: You’ve started to let go.
  3. Delete “his” Pandora stations. You can finally say out loud you hated his taste in music. The twangy country music with cuss words and tunes that never quite matched up. Now you can replace them freely with words and songs that flow around you like billowy golden silk. Your music.
  4. Block him. Delete him from everything. He’s gone, and you never want to be close to someone who is like him ever again. Delete the temptation of sending him something that says sorry, because you’ll just be apologizing for yourself.
  5.  Dress up. Put on the loose, baggy, and quirky clothes you never did around him, because he gave “Advice” on what you could and couldn’t wear. Cover your wrists with all your crocheted bracelets, and paint your nails a wonderful startingly shade. Put on your most favorite and most comfy pair of jeans, and pull your hair back ANY way you want. Put on lipstick, because even though you don’t usually wear it, it gives you courage, and that is amazing. Rebel against his remaining memory as you dress in the outfits you always wanted to, but never had enough gut to wear.
  6. Hang out with friends. Let them make you laugh your head off, as you wonder why you EVER let him influence your  view of them. Let your girl friends take you out on a shopping spree, get your nails done, or do something amazingly fun. Let your friends that are boys buy you soft serve, and have video gaming battles with. Let all the countless months of rushed conversations, and short phone calls end. Because you start to wonder how you evens survived without them.
  7. Run. Lace your tennis shoes at 6:05 a.m. and run half a mile. Run until you sweat, and you cry just because. Run until you are about ready to drop, then drink lemonade……………….and forget him. Because I guarantee a horrible boy like him has already forgotten how endless talented and wonderful you are.

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