Smart Girls

Smart girls aren’t perfect, and the A on their report card doesn’t reflect their entire life.

Those who seek perfection, are often surrounded by imperfection.

All the teacher’s love her, and laugh at her “nerdy” humor, but only three students care enough to remember her name.

She’s insecure about everything and thinks too much.

She’ll think about Math or English, or how the girls stared at her scoffing, and the boys looked right over her head.

She’s called different, but I wonder if anyone ever thinks that the different people are the ones who make an impact and are remembered?

She overanalyzes everything, pondering the “what ifs” and every single point of view. She never wants to be hurt again.

She thinks if she avoids the danger long enough, ignores the risk, then there is some kind of happiness just waiting for her. Because she’s tired of being hurt.

Because even though she’s considered smart, having to figure out every single detail and reason behind a boy’s smile, and a girl’s lie, can make anyone try to look for the best.

And she didn’t find it, and after years of hurt and being pushed down, she let go.

Tried to cover the scars, and ignore the glances in the halls.

Even a smart person can be tricked, and even a smart person can deny all the signs when they truly love someone.

She stays up late trying to find an answer to her problems, and everyone elses. Searching, dreaming, wondering, trying to unravel a mess of string tied too tight.

She thinks too much and trusts very little.

Sometimes she laughs, and retreat behind a mask of “friendship” but she never trusts.

Because after a while you start to hear the same words, from different mouths.

See the same eyes, in different deceiving faces.

And after a while, you stop trusting.

She’s smart and trustworthy.

Fragile and cold.

Strong and wonderful.

And she’s worth making friends with, because once you get past her friendship mask, and all the small smiles of politeness, you’ll find a girl more hurt, broken, smart, independent, brilliant, and more vibrant then you’ve seen.

And she’s worth all the risks.





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