To the friends I haven’t met yet:

I’ve been through a lot. I’m sorry for the days I can’t smile because I feel insecure about my teeth, but cover it up with a joke, and whisper to myself, “I’m fine.”

I’m going to say a lot in this letter, and when you meet me one day, shake me until my teeth rattle. Because I shouldn’t be saying sorry for myself.

When I hum musicals, and whisper words like “Demiji,” and “Muggle” ask me. Because somehow I will open out, and you will find me in the pages of the books I tell you about.

I like remembering all the little details about someone. It makes them feel good, and it makes me feel good when someone does the same to me. Don’t forget my birthday, or tilt your head when asking how many siblings I have. I suck in all independence and brilliance, thinking if I was worth enough to you, would have remembered like I did.

Some days I am going to push away my lunch, or eat a handful of tomatoes. On those days, don’t ask me what is wrong. Because as much as I want someone to notice, to care, I’m just so sick of lying by then that it doesn’t even matter that you noticed. Because I am still going to have to say the same lie, over and over again. So instead, make me laugh.

Make me tilt my head back and snort because I find it the funniest thing in the world. Make me laugh when you do crazy things to lift my spirits, just as I would yours when they are down.

Listen to my words closely, because they’re one of the most important things EVER to me. If you don’t, then I’ll know you don’t care enough about my hobby, my dream, my glue that holds be together, because I’m just pieces, but some of the best are, and I’ll let you go.

Overal, get to know me. Listen to what I say. Respect my decisions, and don’t challenge my opinions……

Because I would really want to be friends with you, and not go through another heartbreak, but I won’t respect you if you don’t me.

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