She watched every sunrise,

And photographed every sunset,

Dreaming places she’d never been,

And people she’d never met.


One day while watching the sky change,

From dark to lightest tangerine,

She met a wonderful boy,

With the most crooked she’d ever seen.


His smile tilted up on the left side,

And his eyes were a deep gray,

He watched the colorful sunrises,

Hoping to be colorful too one day.


Then they met and he saw,

She carried all the vibrance,

He  fell in love with her colorful soul,

And she with his pretense.


He acted like a brilliant boy,

With colors twined in his heart,

But he was greedy for the color,

That made her look like art.


He was so tired of being colorless,

So he watched the sunrise every day,

And he wanted to have the sky’s color,

When the world had left him gray.


But no one told him,

That’s not something you can take,

And I hope he knows he changed her color,

When he made her heartbreak.


She still has mauve and saffron,

Tucked away in her eyes,

But there are darker colors now,

Underneath her bright disguise.


He didn’t take her color,

So desperate to be bright,

Because no one told him,

The sunrise is after the night.


The world once painted her gray,

And let dark color fester,

But he never saw this,

When he claimed he loved her.


She’s a brilliant brightness,

Before and after the night,

AndI hope he now understands,

Where she gets her light.








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