Growing Up

She’s growing up.


There’s denial in her room, old Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals in her closet, and Disney Princess posters on her wall, but she’s growing up.

The stuffed animals are covered in dust, shoved away to make room for fluffy pills, knitted blankets, and abstract bedcovers.

The Princess posters are covered with doodles, and other posters overlap them.

Her old dance trophies are cluttered on her dresser, but slowly being overtaken with soccer medals and signed volleyballs.

Her pink, mauve, and bubblegum crayons are broken or thrown away.

Metallic and neon pens replace them, in bright and cheery coffee mugs.

Her old jewelry is a box, “tacky” it was called at school.

She is growing up.

Her closet isn’t full of tutus and flowey dress, but athletic shorts, and baggy t-shirts.

She is growing up, and I think somewhere inside you know it too.



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