Types of Girls-Flowers

Tulip Girls-


Light skinny jeans, cotton candy, pink ice cream cone earrings, stuffed carnival toys, rose gold headphones, Ana Santos art, pink watercolor calligraphy, polariod photography, rough twine, “Piper,” the smell of honey and lemons, pastel eyeshadow pallet, random words, scribbled poetry, warm sunshine, cough drops, early morning sunrises, soft voice, Jasmine Thompson playlists, Tumblr account, 11th grade, yellow tinted sunglasses, messy buns, ponytails, “Um,” introvert, peaches, sour cherry jam, white tea cups and sausers, sensitive, vintage photographs, great grandparents name, dusty purple notebooks, sparkling pink lemonade, crochet flowers, random color pompoms, fresh mint, white and gold stationary, metallic pens, neon sharpies, colored bobby pens, softball jeresy,  yellow and purple hair ties, Brandon Woelfel, old art contest ribbons, Sundance magzines, portfolios, wire rimmed glasses, bright yellow converses, brown  mascara, dusty matte lipstick, fading freckles, butterflies, tumblr picture posts.


  Forget-me-not Girls-


Hemp cord, Eno hammock, bent and battered blue notebook, Athleta bathing suits,  wood shavings, dirty bare feet, clear stream water, golden bird charm necklace, yarn bracelets, crystal light prisms, pressed leaves and flowers, big wooden tree swings, rough crystals, blue eyes, messy hair, postcards and letters, green glazed pottery, sunflower seeds, brown leather jackets, the smell of smoke and rain, thick sketching paper, smooth round skipping stones, colored pencils, crushed basil, lost smiles, daisy chain crowns, telescope, fresh salad, crushed mint leaves, herbal tea, sage green yoga pants, leather sandels, antique silver earrings, ice water, pasiley designs, canoes, nature summer camps, camp songs, green eyes, quiet voice, a robin named “Polaris,” dusty old books about stars, canoe dates, a small garden patch, silver minows, dolls made out of grass and sticks, energy bars, Erin Hanson poetry, bunches of wildflowers, rusty bike, plaid too-big shirt, loose hair, love letters slipped underneath the door, goats milk soap, flushed cheeks, mud stained feet, clunky hiking boots, cold stream water, the word “wanderlust” summed up, leaf tracing, has a tree friend named “Chester,” fairyhouses made at the bases of trees, leather bound journal.


Sunflower Girls-


Jean jacket with patches, ankle boots, golden eyeshadow, DIY safety pins clipped to converses, old necklace charms strung on a string, grunge fashion, the word “selcouth,” crazy, big words, straight hair, endless bling, a blue bike with a white basket, cute boys, healthy foods, baseball games, 67 missed messages, day-girls, bargain finds, melted strawberry ice cream,  bent bobby pens, acoustic guitar music, coffee with cream, big sunglasses, road trips, jangly bracelets, penpals, coca cola in a glass bottle, strawberry smoothies, hippie music, peace, funky clothes, boho style, Pinterest, golden dangly earrings, chervon styles, balloons,  cherry lollypops, BMW buses, french nouns, Snapchat, stripes and pocka dots, sparkling lemonade, online friends, drama class, school play scripts, “Elisabeth”, neon yellow and green highlighters, unicorn keychain, frizzy and bushy hair, email love letters, homemade bracelets, sunchips, butterfly paintings, strappy sandels, thin books full of jokes, multi syllable words, vibrant, brilliant, brown henna designs, bright sticky notes, teal desks, cheery smile, popular.


Daisy Girls-


Shy smile, “wallflower,”  Spanish 3 class, bright eyes, crumbled notes saying “Just brave out the day,” dusty books,  cracked floor tiles, hall passes, equality, chewed fingernails, a kind word for everyone, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, A+ average, faded green bracelet,  country music, ragged nike tennis shoes, soft panio music, doodles music notes in her notebook, messy hair, “wrong” priorities, golden retrievers,  apple juice, short list of contacts, inspirational quotes, photos and sayings taped to her wall, Burning house by Cam, Broadway shows, teal dyed bangs, navy bedcovers, yarn cat toys, yellow envolopes, no missed messages, “May God bless you,”  cinnomon rolls, “mam”, old minivan, golden honey comb ring, green thumb, apple sause, warm summer evenings, rainy days, finger painting, pen pals, hastily scribbled notes, lots of colorful pillows, Etsy shop, blogging, AP classes, peanut butter crackers, Mormon, pale pink backpack, brown hair, musicals, “Maddy”, tilts head, no make-up, scuffed shoes, hums music notes to herself, sits alone at lunch, friends with the librians.


Rose Girls-


British accents, hazel eyes, black dresses, white converses, “darling,” shoe fanatics, awesome beauty advice, glittery eyeshadow, blue teacups, silver family heirloom locket, macrame pillows, Big Ben stamps, red telephone booths, cheery ivy, plaid skirts, bright smiles, endlessly romantic, Emma Watson, fairytale lovers, daily croissants, lazy gray cats, rainy days, blog posts, leather side bag, Honors English, theater class, dance shoes, stage lighting, brick house, white bed sheets, lavender and rain smell, “The Secret Garden,” honey and camille, park benches, old book shops, cute cafes, No. 23,  burks, french braids, messy buns, cheese lovers, delicate but lovely, best friends, kind to everyone, impossible to dislike, bus time schedules, lemon creme pie, Adele music, white picket fences, cute window boxes, paper air planes, tall buildings, the smell of gas, the sea shore, tall grass, windy day, green hat, people and nature photography, mossy statues, sleek silver laptop, golden designed notebooks, abandonded gardens, old records playing, the Beatles, matte red lipstick, old letters, small smile, glass vases, marble floors, early morning bacon, type-writers, small apartments, friends laughing, boys messy hair, brown eyes, questioning look, “The Fault in our Stars,” home made doughnuts, powdered sugar, dusty pink clothes, “Awesome!”, 9:00 p.m. bedtime, thick acrylic paint, old velvet, golden chairs, fancy lighting, black ankle boots, pandora charm bracelet.


Lotus Girls-


Tough times, black yoga pants, golden charm, small smile, 6:00 a.m., old bridges, Ireland, coastlines, dance routines, never quit, quiet ponds, water lilies, complex braids, ham and cheese sandwiches, white pebbles, frogs, koi fish, whispered conversations, ripped postcards floating on water, violent tears, soft tired smile, striving for balance, cute country house, yeast, old stone, all alone, loose leather sandles, baggy boho pants, white cotton top, loose crazy hair, green eyes, white bread, marmalaid, pineapple yogurt, Jane Austin novels, bullet journalling, the sound of the wind, cocker spaniels, orange peels, cute straw hats, growing cactus, lotion, creamy custard, lacy crop-tops, sage colored vans, half updos’, calm, orgami cranes, green apples,  old window panes, greenhouses, misty evenings, early morning bird song, ripped boyfriend jeans, chipped white nail polish, biting lip, bold black marker, green notebook, round brown hairbrush, lip balm, flour stained hands.


Peony Girls-


 Pale pink spring dresses, whispered hello’s, mumbled French, creamy pastries, cream high heels, clean swimming pool lanes, purple scallops, crochet hooks, gauzy yellow fabric, strawberry perfume, chicken salad sandwhitches, long conversations over the phone, Rainbow Rowell books, Beauty and the Beast, blue eyes, chemistry, washi tape, golden butterfly charm bracelet, tinted sunglasses, “The Great Gatsby,” lime popsicles, fishtail braid, detailed paragraphs, long bucket list, shy smile, energetic “bestie”, long distant relationship, A+, Instagram, cheese cake topped with blueberries,  gray bikini, chalky pastel stained on their hands, cute skirt, small handbag, “What’s football?”,  DIY makeup, multiple choice tests, a cafe waitress, gold and white nails, “merci”, love details, macaroons, Inmarcesible, On ira by Zaz, white fur rug, side braid, washi tape, tissue paper flowers, fairy lights,  fruit de la passion soap, gold pens.


Orchid Girls:


Black hair, sharp smile, silk, long braids, Fall out Boy, microphones, stage lights, music notes, lyrics, protective, loves purple, “She is beauty, she is grace, she will punch you in the face,” graphing, electrical guitar, the sound of drums, blue bangs, skateboard raised eyebrows, bowling alley,  short temper, rough-n-tumble, combat boots, allen wrench,  dark skinny jeans, silver hoop earrings, Finland bucket list, rice, clunky black laptop, burnt rubber smell, “No, I don’t believe in love.”,  algebra and figures, old arcade, James Bond spy movies, gasoline,  violet-colored eyeshadow, scoffs, anti-bullying, black bike, skeptical, “Excuse you?”, silver bird necklace, speedway, brown eyes, Japanese ancestors, band concert tickets, tinkering in the garage, “Tacky”, lots of neon bracelets, math mathematical genius, Mulan, “Girl Power,” hot showers, black smeared grease, don’t-mess-with-me vibe, black mascara, bold, fair skinned, fiery eyes, sharp whistle, fortune cookies, hardware store, “It’s complicated,” after-school job at a garage, late-night gigs, opinionated, bold.


Carnation Girls-


Black hair, raised eyebrows, watermelon, martial arts, pick-up trucks, rusty bicycles, black jacket, beef and corn, “This is my casa,” flower garden, sculpture, rusty machine parts, fresh tomatoes, grape juice, red earth, rain,freedom, Marvel obsessed, dark chocolate, old comic books, hot cocoa, tribal designed shorts, baggy red t-shirt, dominates PE classes, deadly in the rink,  cherry flavored soda,  dangerous temper, peeling paint, mildew stains, fitness, bright blue eyes, laughing, athletic shorts, “She broke his heart,” wild child, yellow pineapple earrings, bleach stains on jeans, rolled up cuffs, faded green baseball cap, cool head,  dirt roads, cracked bathroom tiles,  tom-boy, dark tanned skin, rebel, no expectations, boxer braids, “You’ve picked on me one too many times,” baggy black pants, wieght room, knots tied in thread, old gyms, flickering light bulbs, trash blowing around, cherry limeade, piling up bills, crazy day with friends, high school football game, water stained books, sleek ponytails.








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