She was brilliant and witty,

With glasses, freckles and a smile,

But the one adjective she wanted to hear was “pretty.”


She waited and waited,

Her head hidden behind a book,

But “pretty” has became so physical,

No one looked past her “nerdy” look.


She was concidered wierd,

With polariod pictures of places she’d never been,

Taped to the inside of her locker,

And an entire bag full of highlighters and colored pens.


But when the day comes,

When “pretty” stops being all physical,

When you look at her,

It won’t be critical.


You’ll see her round glasses,

And her snub nose,

Her crazy and quirky style,

In “not fashionable” clothes.


And you’ll really see her,

Not just the spine of a book,

And when you really get to know her,

She’ll alter your entire outlook.


Blue won’t be one shade,

Or one emotion anymore,

And you’ll regret all the times,

You would just  face the other way and ignore.


She’s like that I guess,

A world changing view,

And I can’t wait to see,

How she’ll change you.





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