I think it is sad that I just realized something. I have friends. I hang out with them, and I eat lunch with them.

But when I am curled on my bed, sobbing my eyes out over something, there is no one I can call that would understand.

When I’m feeling silly, or a random thought hits me, there is nobody I can send my random texts to:

Me- “There needs to be a prank war between the Weasley twins, the Marauders, and Teddy Lupin.”

Me- “Cuz, I mean of course he is going to be a prankster, his mother is Tonks, and his father was best friends with James Potter and Sirius Black. You can’t tell me that he does not have any talent with pranking, because we both know he has to have it in him somewhere.”

Me-“But of course this would require someone contacting J.K.Rowling and making her rewrite the last three books where pratically everyone dies, and leaves HP fans in mourning. That would have to happen, but I mean, C’mon, CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH FUN IT WOULD BE?!?!?!”

Me-” Forget about contacting J.K.Rowling, get a producer, and a director in here, we’re gonna make a MOVIE!!!”


Me- “Where do you think the wind comes from? Even the earth has a center, where it turns around in a axis, but where does wind come from? Space is utterly still without sound, and there is an extreme lack of oxygen. So where does wind come from?”


And the saddest part it, how can I say I have friends, when these texts are deleted before they are even sent?

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