Weekend Boys

Friday Boys-


worn white, red, or black converses, leather jackets, logo shirts, parking garages, neon shop lights, graffiti, coffee with cream, is never in bed before 3 a.m., blocks people just for the fun of it, low grades, chain link fences, dark eyes, bright yellow and green highlighters, concrete walls, skate-boards, shady burger joints, black leather bracelets, ripped jeans, half smirk, big boy-band sunglasses, gold sharpie signatures on their wrist, old rusty dog tags from Vietnam, light gray blankets, sleek black cars, bridges, big bass speakers, list of prank call numbers, old 80’s music on a vintage radio, striaght eyebrows, old gum and candy bar wrappers in their pockets, black hats with truckers backs, the smell of burnt rubber, football stand lights, yellow and blue of cheerleader’s uniforms, clear powerade, Dr. Pepper bottles.


Saturday Boys-


Dark circles underneath their eyes, black coffee, Hardey’s stop at 12:00 a.m., wrinkled clothes, laundry detergent, 34 missed messages, bright sun, the alarm that was forgotten to be turned off blaring, old soccer jerseys hanging out of open drawers, fresh cologne, wet hair, styling gel, arcade tolkens, laser tag usernames,  Ford trucks with rap music blaring, the smell of smoke clinging to them, cozy date at a taco place, catching a ride with a friend, blue raspberry slurries, Hershey chocolate bars, plaid shirt and tank top, wieght room  visit, morning run, sweat stained shorts, garbage being taken out, movie playing in theaters at 3:00 p.m., metal ref’s whistle, red jersey, cleats on turf, black and white ball, hanging around the gym with friends, guzzling Diet Cherry Coke, tousled hair, arrogant smile, dusty textbooks being shoved aside, mis-matched socks, gravel driveways, fore-wheeling, skateboard ramps, Air Head dyed tounge, new numbers in contacts, light washed jeans, dark roses hidden behind backs, Christmas lights strung on tree’s, “BOYS ONLY” video game battles, Lazy sweatpants.


Sunday Boys-


Hair hurriedly combed through, the smell of gel and mint, 9:00 a.m. morning, yard work after lunch, big barbeque roast with baked beans, old shirt from a few years back, baggy black lounge pants, lemonade in water bottles, Snickers candy bar, rushing out the door, Mustang honking, neon lights at the arcade, pouring over messily written notes, longing on the couch watching the final four of March Madness, sleek black headphones, country and rap music, selfies for Snapchat, hurriedly finished projects, the smell of freshly cut grass, long bike-rides with friends, ice cream, and pizza, early bed time, Youtube videos, Instagram stalking, black and blue ink pens, messages send to Coach, putting up laundry, sending a quick text, turning your brightness down, mid-afternoon walks, watching old football replays, chess set being dusted off, collared shirts, pressed pants, black shoes, bowling alley, Sonic milkshakes, watching golf tournaments, chewing cinnimon gum, saving paper on your laptop, popping in a few breath mints, laying on your bed.

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