There’s watercolor dashed on her cheekbones,

And thick pastel smudged on her right finger,

And then she smiles and you remember,

This is all her.


Freckles and black acrylic paint,

Are splattered on her ankles,

And she grips a wet paintbrush,

And lets it hit the canvas as she just feels.


You can take away the paint,

And try to make her world colorful,

But there will always be a blank space in her mind,

Needing colors to make it less dull.


She can paint smiles on faces,

She wished she could in real,

And there is discrimination against races.


Her world might seem simple,

Even hypocritical,

But you can’t take her world,

And try to make it less colorful.


If you want to find perfection,

Just look at the world she paints,

It has no problems or bullies,

Or mental constraints.

It is a world you can’t conquer,

Or take away,

And it is a world she wishes she could live in,

Every single day.

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