It’s Okay to Cry

It’s okay to cry.


It’s okay to scream with sobs choking your throat as your hair sticks to your cheeks, and you taste salt on your lips.

It’s okay to hug your arms around yourself, to try to keep in all your breaking pieces and let tears slowly inch down your face.

It’s okay to lay on your back on a couch that always seemed so perfect, and just the let the memories hit you again and again.

It’s okay to bury your face in your pillow and let your tears leave soggy wet marks on the pillowcase.

It’s okay to sit with your back against the wall in the bathroom, and cry softly while staring emptily at the white tiles.

It’s okay to wash your face after crying and try to wash away all the salty tears from your mottled cheeks.

It’s okay to cry.















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