Here is the truth about monsters:


They don’t always live underneath beds,

Or in scary places,

Because sometimes it’s darkest inside our heads.


They thrive in dusty corners,

And in misplaced moving boxes,

Living on your nightmares,

And the sad little doubts about how nobody cares.


But not all monsters are shadows,

Or lumpy shapes in corners,

Because I once knew a monster,

That was human.


She had a secret and dusty smile,

As if it wasn’t used much,

And she had a dark part of her,

That no sunlight ever touched.


Inside her head was the gaping mouth,

With dark and shiny teeth,

That attacked all her brightness,

And never ever missed.


It tore it to shreds and trapped it away,

And said in a whispering voice,

It was only to keep the pain at bay.


How the lies never stopped,

And how she never questioned,

What was living inside of her.


And that is the sad truth about monsters,

That not very many people know,

That the more dark thoughts you feed them,

The more they grow.


They surround your bright and happy thoughts,

And keep them locked away,

With only the lying excuses,

When you ask them where they went.


Monsters only thrive on darkness,

And on secrets never told,

So the only way to kill a monster,

Is to unfold.


Let your darkness out,

And transform the shape,

Because even the tiniest wings,

Can find a way to escape.


And as for the girl,

With the monster living inside her head,

She finally found her brightness,

And now her monsters dead.


All the lies and doubts it spun,

And all the company it provided,

When she had no one,

Is gone.


Because she finally realized the truth about having a monster,

Trapped inside your head.


And that is,

It never really existed at all,

But only lived for your downfall.


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