You taught her to be ashamed of her opinions,

Before she even talked,

Because there was no saying any words,

Even the most important ones.


She never shared her ideas or thoughts,

Because that was forbidden,

And at school she tried everything she could,

Just to be able to fit in.


No one else seemed to understand,

The words trapped by the cage of her mouth,

And how she sobbed at night because words were banned.


She was always told to quiet down,

And “speak up” but how could she,

When she was only listened to in the silence,

And only the walls seemed to agree?

She always melted into the background,

Because no one ever asked,

And expected a word or sound.


She was the quietest girl in class,

Because once she was told to quiten down,

She couldn’t do anything else,

But blend into the background.


Words came easy as thoughts,

But harder they were to say,

Because by the time they came out,

Everyone was already walking away.


It is amazing what that does,

To the little girl inside,

When she see’s everyone speak,

And not stutter or want to hide.


She had no filter or net,

So once the words escaped,

They were to forget.


I wonder if things would have been different,

If ou had told her thoughs,


And opinions mattered,

Because now all she knows is silence,

That should be filled with her words,

If only she wasn’t too afriad to speak.





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