There was a little adjective,

That everyone stuck beside my name,

Simply because I had bad days at school,

And still came.


I was caught crying in the girl’s bathroom,

And was expected to act with shame.


But I could only feel unjustly called “sad”,

When I expressed  my emotions,

When no one else did.


I had a bad day and sat alone at lunch,

And kept my head down in study hall,

And while I waited for my mom,

I leaned silently against a wall.


You can call me sad all you want but at least I know,

Who my true friends are because they bothered to call.


I had a few bad days,

And expressed emotion,

But don’t call me names or get angry when I am moody,

Because whatever you are I don’t want to be one.


I want to a person who there for bad days,

And doesn’t need constant attention,

To be a friend.


Whatever you are,

I don’t want to be one.

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