Same Old

You were born and raised,

In just a small little town,

Where nothing ever changed.


Same old streets,

Same old houses,

Same old shops,

Same old people.


You were a boy who hated normality,

And the slow pace of your little town,

Was bringing your spirts down.


But I wonder if things ever changed,

When a girl who was different,

Started living there.


Did things seem to brighten?

Or was I just another mistake,

In this old town,

Just another heartbreak?


I don’t think I made things better,

Because you still escaped,

From the cage, you thought your little old town was.


Don’t tell me you’re sorry in another postcard,

From a place I will never go,

Because if you really sorry,

Why did you say hello?


Why did you meet me,

And make me your friend,

If you were only going to leave me,

In the end?


You grew tired of this old town,

With the same old people,

The same old shops,


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