I once knew a girl,

Who was everything to me.


Who I even considered,

More important than family.


But when I lay on my bed,

Sobbing became of another argument,

My family was all I had.


My brother gave me advice,

My younger siblings made me laugh,

And after a while I started to feel a beat in my chest,

But how could my heart act like you didn’t have half?


As the months past I started to realize,

What I should  have long before,

You were only a girl, only a friend,

Simply a person I didn’t need anymore.


It’s human nature to grow stronger,

To change and to grow,

So while I still mourn the heartbreak,

I celebrate the knowledge I now know:


You were only a girl, only a friend,

And though it hurt,

It was a good end.


I learned my lesson from those trying times:

Nothing and no-one can take the place of my family.



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