There is something utterly courageous about having your nails painted. The euphoric feeling of having a bright pair of nails that clash and contrast with the bracelets jangling on your wrists.

I am not an extremely girly girl, in fact I might be considered a little bit of a tom boy in a fashion sense, but getting my nails done in a downfall.

My feet are okay, but nothing can compare to the euphoric feeling of confidence that comes when I see my brightly colored nails typing away.

They way the teal, dark blue, and coral clashes wonderfully with my bracelets and drawings on my hands.

There is almost nothing as euphoric as having your nails painted by a friend, and knowing you can make a mess out of them.

After all, isn’t being human a messy experience?

You can scratch them, you can chip them, and you can make a general mess of them, but of course you can always paint them again.


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